Dr. Graham's Raw Health Series

Dr. Graham's Raw Health Series

Dr. Graham's Raw Health Series
Audio CDs in MP3 / English: MP3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: 16 hours | 2002 | ISBN-10: N/A | 1.19 GB
Genre: Health, Food, Diet

This lectures to help you on your low fat high carb raw vegan journey. Listen while you commute, run, prepare meals, or clean the house. Exposing yourself to positive messages will help balance out emotional pulls to old unhealthy habits.
Series 1: High Energy & Efficiency - Revving Up Your Body's Engine
Disc 1: All About Carbohydrates I [57:51]
Disc 2: All About Carbohydrates II [49:20]
Disc 3: How Much Fruit Is Too Much?
1 Fueling Your Cells
2 Addicted To Fruit
3 Diabetes Understood
4 Empty Calories Are Addictive
5 Complex Carbohydrates
6 The Glycemic Index
7 Environmental, Ecological & Animal Rights Concerns
8 Disordered Eating
9 Fruit And Intelligence
10 Variety For Optimum Nutrition
11 Simplicity Is Nature's Way
12 Fast Food - Fruit Is Instant Food
13 Candid Talk About Candida
14 Blood Sugar
15 Fruit For Optimum Nutrition
16 Overeating On Fruit
17 Structuring Your Meals
18 Quality Determines Quantity
Disc 4: Optimize Your Training
1 Routines Don't Work
2 Training Development Is Specific
3 Body Sculpting
4 The Power Of Adaptation
5 The Speed-Strength-Endurance Triangle
6 Training Features Balanced
7 Sport Specific Training Regimens
8 Why Cross Training Is Essential
9 Efficient, Effective Abilities Training
10 The F.I.T. Triangle
11 Warming Up
12 Warming Down & Stretching
13 Injury Prevention Awareness
14 Play - Take The Work Out Of Your Workouts

In this series, you'll learn how to fuel your body so you can look and feel your very best. You'll discover why fitness is an essential part of every health program, and how the food we choose to fuel our bodies with is directly linked to environmental, ethical, and other practical concerns. You'll also learn why our current system of food production requires fourteen calories to put just one calorie on your plate - a highly inefficient equation that is draining the life out of every ecosystem on the planet. Then imagine a different scenario, where what we choose to eat gives life back to the Earth. Dr. Graham's renewable energy approach will show you how this ideal can be achieved.

Series 2: Acquiring Vibrant Health And Keeping It
Disc 1: The Nutritional Science Of Youthfulness [72:70]
Disc 2: Essential Habits I [74:51]
Disc 3: Essential Habits II [56:23]
Disc 4: Succeeding Socially w/Raw Foods

Many of us become focused on either food or fitness as the only component in our quest to achieve vibrant health. In this series, you will learn about the dozens of lifestyle factors beyond food and fitness that affect your health and how you can easily stack these factors in your favor. Inspiring ideas like "the weakest link" approach to self-improvement will become invaluable tools you can use for the rest of your life. You'll learn to make friends with your food while developing the confidence in your lifestyle choices that will make others eager to learn the secrets of your radiant health. If you want to attain, regain, or maintain a fit and healthful approach to living, then this series will show you how.

Series 3: Developing The Body Beautiful
Disc 1: Body Composition I [74:51]
Disc 2: Body Composition II [69.22]
Disc 3: Nutrition And Athletic Performance I [46:31]
Disc 4: Nutrition And Athletic Performance II [45:47]

No matter what our age or fitness level, it's what we all desire: a trim, youthful, strong, and energetic physique. In this series, you'll learn how to create the body of your dreams and how to best nourish it. Nutritional considerations such as what to eat before, during, and after fitness activities are discussed in detail, as are the key elements in assessing your body composition. You will learn how much fat your body really needs, how much is too much, and how to monitor your body fat. Important fitness issues like hydration, weight management, and muscle development are also addressed.

Series 4: Science In The Raw
Disc 1: The FLIP SIDE of Raw I [62:59]
[FLIP = False Learning Identified and Processed]
[SIDE = Scientific Information Delivered with Empathy]
Disc 2: The FLIP SIDE of Raw II [77:26]
Disc 3: What Science Reports About Raw Food - A Unified Approach To Nutrition I [54:29]
Disc 4: What Science Reports About Raw Food - A Unified Approach To Nutrition II [47:08]

If you have ever wanted to know the truth about cleansing, detox, flushes, supplements, superfoods, and many other controversial topics, then this series is a must. If you want to gain the vocabulary that will enable you to succinctly and concisely explain to anyone the advantages of a raw food diet, Science in the Raw will show you how. You may need several listen-throughs in order to absorb the wealth of scientifically validated and precise information packed into this series. Science in the Raw is for anyone who wants to get their facts straight about raw health.

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