FCP: a Handbook of Fundamental Chess Patterns

FCP: a Handbook of Fundamental Chess Patterns
Rodolfo Pardi, "FCP: a Handbook of Fundamental Chess Patterns"
ISBN: n/a, ASIN: B00AUWJEKA | 2014 | EPUB/MOBI | 147 pages | 2 MB/3 MB

It is not easy for beginners and intermediate players to learn how to play chess and improve their game. Instead of learning mainly through practice (which could take years) and the study of games of Masters (difficult to understand and easily forgotten), this book presents an inventory of weapons: Patterns which knowledge is essential to play well!

What you need to know before reading this book:
* How to use algebraic Chess Notation
* A visualization of at least 4 plies without a board
* Standard tactical Devices, such as Counting, Forks, Skewers, Pins

What you will learn in this book:
* Basic Patterns that every Player must know
* How to improve your Game
* How to use Opposition and Critical Squares
* Recognize the opportunity for Simplification
* Advanced Tips

What you will NOT get, and why:
* A complete analysis of each pattern, this would need up to 50 pages each. This is a handbook (where all you need is a position), not a manual (which explains ideas involved and how to discover the correct solution)
* Capablanca: nobody can learn to play well merely from the study of a book, it can only serve as a guide, and the rest must be done by the teacher

There's no limit to what's available to a Chess student today, you can find more than 500 Gbytes of books, programs, movies, a jungle in which the student can go astray.
But when a Knight checks your King in an endgame, do you know the best square where to move your King, to avoid being checked the next four moves? "Click to look inside" to know

It is a common opinion that strong players see a position divided into elementary groups (chunks), each having exact and known characteristics, due to the huge number of games they played, analyzed and stored in their deep memory, immediately recognizing winning patterns

This book includes NO puzzles, BUT a choice of only !? 50 patterns chosen among the essential patterns, which must be engraved in your mind, which you must recognize immediately against you and to your advantage, without any doubt, no hesitation, at once. Expecially in time trouble

Patterns whose knowledge is essential to be able to play well. Not lists of endless moves, impossible to remember, but positions that occur frequently, that you must recognize without thinking, the way Masters do.
My teacher used to say: there are things to understand or to remember. Here you have to remember

Are all these patterns known?
Sure they are, but this is not the point, a GM knows 10.000 +, a CM about 200, but what about you, can you afford not to know them?

Novice and intermediate players are the target of this book, class B and below, up to 1750 USCF Elo rating, approx 1650 Elo Fide.
Going periodically through them will help you not to lose precious points and even to gain them, and your thinking time will be reduced. If only one of these patterns was unknown to you or you had doubts, your learning time will not be wasted.
If you knew them all instead and never fell into them, great, do tournaments and enjoy Evelyne Nicod's cat illustrations

"Trapping a piece" section of this manual shows the terrible blunder of Fischer in the 1st game of 1972 tournament, so to avoid it forever.

New! You can see for free on my web site many related games, with English comments, follow through and download PGN. Appearance is simple and neat, diagrams start at the appropriate move (Test link in preview). An Internet connection is needed, WiFi or other. Better experience with Kindle Fire or PC

Enjoy the reading

Rodolfo Pardi, librarian, FSI (Italian Chess Federation) instructor and arbiter

Translation from Italian was recently checked, however some minor language errors might still be there, for which I apologize. To ascertain that you will understand simply click to look inside.
To help notation is algebraic with figurines, fine tuned for appearance on a real Kindle.

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