Image-Line GMS 1.0.6 Win VSTi-[x32/x64]

Image-Line GMS 1.0.6 Win VSTi-[x32/x64]

Image-Line GMS v1.0.6 Win VSTi x32/x64
Team ZODiACK | 9 MB

Groove Machine Synth is a multitimbral hybrid synthesizer & FX channel from Groove Machine.
Options & Controls

Click the MIDI/EQ button (showing SYNTH below) in the lower left of the screen to toggle between SYNTH and MIDI/EQ panels.

[Groove Machine Synth MIDI Control]

MIDI-From the top section you can set various MIDI controller input to a selected range of Groove Machine targets. Select the target using the DESTINATION drop-down menu box.
VELOCITY-Assign keyboard velocity to control a range of targets in Groove Machine. The VELOCITY TO LEVEL switch enables the basic velocity to volume relationship.
MODULATION-Assign the mod wheel to a range of targets in Groove Machine.
AFTERTOUCH-Assign aftertouch to a range of targets in Groove Machine. Aftertouch is pressure applied to keys/pads after being played, this feature may not be supported on your MIDI controller.
PITCH BEND-Set the Pitch Bend wheel to bend-range relationship.
EQUALIZER-The 5 band equalizer is post-FX and covers the range of center frequencies of 60 Hz, 220 Hz, 1500 Hz, 8000 Hz and 12000 Hz respectively. ENABLE-Activates the EQ.

Synth Panel

The synthesizer is a hybrid additive, FM (Frequency Modulation) & RM (Ring Modulation) design.

[Groove Machine Synth]

Oscillator section-There are 3 independent oscillators.
WAVESHAPE-Click to select from predefined shapes or load waveforms from .wav files or the library. You can also drop waveforms on each of the 3 oscillators.
PITCH-Pitch change in semitones.
FINE-Pitch change in cents.
MODULATION-Select from one of:
1 SYNC-OSC1 will be synced by the frequency defined by AMOUNT fader.
2 to 1 FM-Oscillator 2 is linked to Oscillator 1 in a Frequency Modulation relationship.
2 to 1 RM-Oscillator 2 is linked to Oscillator 1 in a Ring Modulation relationship.
AMOUNT-Sync, FM or RM amount.
OSC 2-Mix for Oscillator 1 & 2.
INV-Invert the phase of Oscillator 2.
OSC 3-Mix for Oscillator (1+2) & 3.
NOISE-Mix between all oscillators and white noise source.
OSC 2-Oscillator 2 phase.
RETRIG-Oscillator 2 phase retriggering.
UNISONO-Unison phase.
UNISONO-Multiple detuned voices are generated per note for a chorus-like effect.
VOICES-Choose between 1 and 16.
STEREO-Stereo spread of voices.
DETUNE-Detuning of voices.
OCTAVE-Octave for all Oscillators.
MONO VOICE-Monophonic mode with portamento.


[Jump to main page]

CUTOFF-Channel global filter cutoff frequency.
KBD-Keyboard scaling. The filter cutoff will track up and down with the note played. Higher notes having a higher cutoff frequency etc.
TYPE-Switch between LP (Low Pass), BP (Band Pass) & HP (HighPass).
ATK-Attack time.
DEC-Decay time.
AMNT-Amount of envelope applied. Envelope scaling.
INVERT-Invert the phase of the envelope.
DEST-Target parameter for envelope modulation.
EG1 / EG2-There are two envelopes available, switch between them here.
LFO-Low Frequency Modulation is used as a source to rhythmically or otherwise vary synthesis parameters.
SYNC-Synchronize the LFO period to NONE (free running), BEATs or BARs.
AMNT-LFO modulation amount.
RETRIG-Retriggering restarts the LFO phase on each note. Leave off for a free-running LFO effect.
DEST-LFO destination. Select the target to be modulated by the LFO.
INVERT-Inverts the LFO waveform.
SHAPE-LFO waveform shape. NOTE: The Sine (top shape) is bipolar, generating both +1 and -1 values at opposing peaks. The remainder of the shapes (Triangle, Saw & Square) are uni-polar producing values between 0 and 1.
LFO 1 / LFO 2-There are two LFO sources available, choose the LFO to be edited here.
LVL EG-Envelope Generator Level. The envelope is used to shape the volume contour of the sound of each note played.
Amplitude-Overall gain.
ATTACK-Attack time, low if faster.
DECAY-Decay time, low is faster.
SUSTAIN-Sustain level. Volume for the duration of the held note.
RELEASE-Release time, low is faster. Try increasing this a little if notes 'click' when released.
OUTPUT-Global Channel volume.
PAN-Global Channel panning (position in the Left to Right stereo field).
PITCH-Global Channel pitch (semitones).
FREQ SLIDE-Slide time for portamento style effects. Activate with the switch below the knob.


There are 10 performance oriented effects:

[Groove Machine Synthesizer]

GLUE-Click this switch to permanently enable the selected effect. Momentary activation can be gained by clicking in the X/Y panel.
Effects-There are 10 effects these include:
DIST-Distortion. X-Distortion amount. Y-Low pass filter cutoff frequency.
CRSH-Bit crusher. X-Sample-rate reduction amount. Y-Low pass filter cutoff frequency.
FLNG-Flanging. X-Depth. Y-Feedback.
PHSR-Phasing. X-Depth. Y-Feedback.
LPF-Low pass filtering. X-Low pass filter cutoff frequency. Y-Resonance amount.
HPF-High pass filtering. X-High pass filter cutoff frequency. Y-Resonance amount
ECHO-Delay/Echo. X-Feedback amount (echo strength) Y-Echo filtering.
RVRB-Reverberation. X-Feedback. Y-Wet level (reverb amount).
PAN-Panning. X-Left/Right pan position. Y-Binaural effect level. Up/Down.
TRNC-Trance effect. X-Release time. Y-Drop level. Use this effect to induce side-chain style pumping.
LFO Multiplier-Select a multiplication factor for the LFO.
AMOUNT-LFO multiplier, from 0 to 100% (top).
SYNC-LFO can be synced to the Bar or Beat.
SHAPE-LFO waveform shape.
Arm X / Y-Each effect has a pair of unique performance parameters.


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