OS X Cracked GRAPHICS Utilities 14 08 2016

OS X Cracked GRAPHICS Utilities 14 08 2016

OS X Cracked GRAPHICS Utilities 14 08 2016 | 4.59 GB

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5.1 (17.0.1) [Multi/Ru]

The release took place: 08 Aug 2016
Publication type: Mac OS X Software
English, Dansk, Deutsch, Espaol, Franais, Franais*, Hebrew*, Hungarian, Italiano, Nederlands, Norwegian, Polish, Portugus (Brasil), Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Ukrainian,

Supported OS: OS X 10.9 +
Type of medicine: patch
System requirements:
Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit computing
Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
1 GB of RAM
3.2 GB of free hard disk space for installation; additional free space required for installation (not installed on a disk using the file system is case-sensitive, or on removable storage devices flash memory)
Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (recommended 1280 x 800), video card that supports OpenGL 2.0, 16-bit color, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)*

Adobe Photoshop CC — a program for processing raster graphics. Supports various graphic formats.
Adobe Photoshop allows both create new images and edit them. Photoshop used to create photorealistic images to work with color scanned images, retouching, color correction, collage, transformation of graphs, color separation, etc Adobe Photoshop has all the methods of work with point images, and has the ability to work with layers and uses the contours. The program is the undisputed leader among professional graphic editors due to its widest possibilities, high efficiency and speed.
Adobe Photoshop provides all the necessary tools for correcting, editing, preparing images for printing and high quality output.
Photoshop 2015.5.1 Update (8/8/2016)
8/8/2016 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2015.5 update version 2015.5.1 to address several issues.

Customer reported issues resolved
Fixed customer submitted crashing issues
Subtool reverts to primary tool after using keyboard shortcut
Unable to Export individual layers that are nested in Artboard > Group
“Rasterize EPS Format” dialogue box doesn’t remember Mode setting
Embed color profile result reflects whatever it was set last time
Text accidentally commits when try to transform Paragraph text using bounding box transform handles
Cursor doesn’t correctly change to Commit cursor to differentiate from Rotate and Move cursor
Print color is off when using App Manage Color (Mac only)
Error: “Could not apply the workspace because the file was not found” when opening a file
Several fixes and improvements for Select and Mask:
Select and Mask: Command not available on non-pixel layer masks
Select and Mask: Refine Edge Brush Tool creating artifacts along the brush stroke in mask
Select and Mask: Redraw corruption (RGB 16bit/32 bit) with Show Original in certain zoom levels (preview mode “black and white”)
Select and Mask: Using the Refine edge brush on one area of a pre-existing selection may cause certain hard edges in another area to change a few pixel values, especially when the image is in very high resolution
Select and Mask: Using brush tool with feather 8 or more and zoom level 50 or lower get redraw issue
Select and Mask: With a selection, the output defaults to selection, even if the previous output setting was a mask
Select and Mask: Inverting a selection outputs the original selection
Select and Mask: Crash when double-clicking adjustment mask
Select and Mask: Program error when image is multi-channel

Installation procedure:
The program interface language will depend on the default language of the operating system
1. Disconnect the network connection.
2. Start the installation
3. In the welcome window, select "Trial version" (Try). You will be prompted to connect to the service Adobe Creative Cloud using your Adobe ID. Hit "Enter" (Sign In).
After a few seconds, when the installer determines that cannot connect to the network, and associated tests will be stopped, displayed an error about failing to connect to the Internet.
Hit the button "Enter later" (Connect Later).
4. After installation do not launch the app.
5. Run the patch and click on PATCH *** (or drag the icon of the program in the window running the patch)

the program should be installed by default if you have installed other programs from the package SS 2015, in those applications where it is required, will be automatically replaced amtlib.framework patched before applying the patch make a copy of the original files (and possibly useful)

6 Restore the previously torn network connection and enjoy the program!

The presets VSCO FILM for Lr & ACR 01-07 (09.09.2015) [DCP, XMP, LRTEMPLATE]

Name: VSCO FILM for Lr & ACR
Distributed material: Presets
Version: 01-07 (09.09.2015)
Developer: VSCO
Language: English
System requirements:
Adobe Camera Raw 7 & 9*
Adobe Lightroom 4,5 & 6*

Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to accelerate workflow in producing excellent results post-processing.
Presets VSCO Film is built on the basis of individual profiles of the camera. If you want, for example, recreate the look of Polaroid, Fuji or other types of film in a manner different from the standard application of the General changes to each photo, then this software is what you should pay attention to.
VSCO Film presets designed specifically for cameras Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Leica (you choose which camera you use to apply effects according to its type).

VSCO Film made up of beautiful films emulations consumer mass market 20 years ago. Relying on the previous
Film bags VSCO, Set Archetype Films represents the finest digital emulation of which were up to date and is the embodiment of these nostalgic film stocks, the Golden era of analog camera. For example, you can reduce the sharpness and tonal contrast, use the effect of old lenses, add different toning, and add vignetting of various kinds.

Develop Presets
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/
Local Adjustment Presets
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Local Adjustment Presets/
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Curves/

Develop Presets
Win7/Vista: C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/
Win XP: C:/Documents and Settings/Application Data/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/
Local Adjustment Presets
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Local Adjustment Presets/
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Curves/

To users of PS ACR
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/LocalCorrections/
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Curves/


C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw//LocalCorrections/
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/
C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Curves/

For those who have presets and profiles you had previously installed:
- agree with the replacement

Everimaging HDR Darkroom 3 v1.1.3 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: 28.07.2015
Supported OS: OS X 10.6 and above
Language: English
Treatment: not required (the installer is already treated)
System requirements:
OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

Under HDR or, to be more precise, HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image, mean image with more dynamic range than conventional images.
HDR can help photographers overcome the limitations of dynamic range of CCD digital camera.
Some programs also allow you to create images, more like surreal paintings than photos.
In any case, it makes sense to extend the dynamic range photos, how realistic will be the final picture — all this decides everyone for itself. Working with HDR gives us
this wonderful opportunity.

HDR Darkroom 3 — program for creating highly dynamic and processing HDR photos.
The program allows you to select a custom algorithm for mapping tones to configure basic things (brightness, contrast, etc.), adjust colors, tweak the levels, adjust the correction of lens distortions and more.

Support RAW File Format List RAW File Format:
Adobe Digital Negative - DNG - *.dng
Canon Photo- RAW - *.crw / *.cr2
FUJI Photo - RAW - *.raf
Kodak Photo - RAW - *.kdc
Mamiya Photo - RAW - *.mef
Nikon Photo - RAW - *.nef / *.nrw
Olympus RAW - File - *.orf
Panasonic Photo - RAW - *.raw / *.rw2
Pentax Photo - RAW - *.pef / *.ptx
Sony RAW File - *.srf / *.sr2 / *.arw
Leica RAW File - *.rwl / *.raw / *.dng
Hasselblad - RAW File - *.fff
Imacon - RAW File -*.fff

Installation procedure:
Rewrite the app to the applications folder

Hydra 4.0 [Multi]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: 10.08.2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.11 and higher
Language: English, French, German etc.
Treatment: not required (the installer is already treated)
System requirements:
OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

Hydra offers innovative photo capture technology, and lets You take beautiful pictures even with the Hydra from Creaceed SPRL – the software for creating HDR images*. You can import this editor up to seven photos taken at different exposures to create stunning HDR images. Despite the fact that the program is quite simple, it has all the necessary tools in order to control the entire creative process.
Seven photos is enough to create the typical HDR images, such as, for example, a series of pictures in a bright room with bright light from the window.

At Hydra there is an excellent self-levelling and removal of so-called "ghosts" (ghost removal), you can also manually configure the settings for these features using intuitive tools, such as "x-rays" (X-ray), which serve to align the photos. Feature removal of "ghosts" is also intuitive, and more powerful than similar functions as the products of the competitors.

Installation procedure:
Rewrite the app to the applications folder

FILTERiT 4.6.5 for Adobe Illustrator CS6-CC2015 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: June 21, 2016
Supported OS: OS X
Language: English
Treatment: included
Type of drug: not required / keygen
System requirements:
Adobe Illustrator 8, 9, 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015
Mac OS 8, 9, 10.1-10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 (32/64 bit)
FILTERiT is compatible with Intel Mac. But we don't support Rosetta mode.

Cvalley FILTERiT plugin for Adobe Illustrator which allows you to create more than 50 effects — from distortion and waves to increasing and "fragments," and includes such filters as body transformation, fractalization, tracing etc. FILTERiT provides 13 live effects.
For example, the Live Circle effect automatically distributes the various copies of the selected object around the circle. Live tiling automatically creates different columns and rows of the object dynamically updating them in case of parameter changes. Live and Galaxy Explosion hard to achieve manually create graphic effects. All the effects remain editable. Using a filter volumetric transformations, you can easily turn the object into a sphere, helix, cylinder or ring. Tracing (Trace) is used in the preparation of web animations, and also allows you to create a blur effect with movement.
Fractalization gives the area of the object is rough, the "cracked" look.

New Features:
3D Transform
Create images for animation (Trace Option)
13 LIVE effects including Live Cutout
Work directly on Artboard (except 3D Transform)
Real-time effects
Support for Color Picker on Live Trail, Trail Tool and MetaBrush Tool
The latest version 4.6.5 is compatible with CC 2015.3. FILTERiT is a plug-in suite for Adobe Illustrator which features various exciting and unique effects.

Installation procedure:

Install (manually) the plugin following the instructions
Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/Plug-ins

for Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3/Plug-ins

When you create a new document in the appropriate box for registration enter the serial number received in the keygen (if needed)

Corel Painter 2017 ( [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: August 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.9 +
Language: English
Type of medicine: replacing files
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
2 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or higher recommended)
750 MB hard disk space for application files
Mouse or tablet
1280 x 800 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
DVD drive
Safari v5 or higher

A real art Studio at your fingertips!
Regardless of the direction in which art you are working in Corel® Painter® you can find all the necessary to realize their creative potential. It offers hundreds of customizable brushes, paper textures, paints and dry pigment materials which do not differ from their real counterparts!
Technology RealBristle™ reproduces the sensation of working with traditional materials like no other software.
Painter redefines the boundaries of the possible in art.

What's New in Corel Painter 2017:

Texture painting
Make any character, environment or object literally come to life.

Dab Stencils
Mask your brush dab before applying paint to the canvas.

Glazing brushes
Apply velvety, translucent paint transitions just like the Renaissance masters.

Interactive Gradient tool
Edit color and opacity in the context of your painting using the enhanced node control.

Gradient Express Paint
Fill a gradient with rich, stroke-filled paint.

Palette Drawers
Organize palettes and reduce clutter.

Property Bar
Gain instant access to important brush controls.

Brush Selector
Display the Brush Selector as a convenient panel.

Dropper tool
Get exactly the color you want when you need it.

Artist layouts
Find all the essential tools for your particular workflow.

Installation procedure:

- Mount image
- Set CorelPainter2017:
• To run the installer with Corel painter 2017.pkg
• Install using the serial number (see text file)
• After installation, do not run the program

Treatment procedure

Go to the following path:
/Applications/Corel Painter Pattern Corel 2017/2017.app
Right click - "Show package contents" and go to the folder contents/MacOS
Replace the original binary (executable) file in Corel painter 2017 on a file from the distribution
When you first start to refuse to register the program
All you can use the program

the complete path to the replacement file:
/Applications/Corel Painter Pattern Corel 2017/2017.app/contents/MacOS/

Polarr Photo Editor 2.0.0 [Multi/Ru]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: August 12, 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.11 +
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Treatment: not required (the installer is already treated)
System requirements:
OS X 10.11 or later,
64-bit processor

Polarr is an advanced, intuitive and multi-image editor with a range of features "must-have".
Make high-level edits with this powerful and elegant tool for advanced photo enthusiasts.
Explore new ways of processing Your photos, or open the tools You already know and love.

- Polarr is the smallest and most efficient photo editor for Mac.
- Exceptional memory/CPU and low power consumption, using WebKit.
- Supports JPEG and most RAW images to 42MP.
- Supports transparent PNG and exporting transparent images in PNG format

This is a new 2.0 release of Polarr Photo Editor. It has an elegantly redesigned UI, richer exporting options, faster performance, and is loaded with new features including new brushing and masking tools. Here is a detailed list of what's new:

1) State-of-art one click automatic global enhancement for saturation, highlight, shadows, contrast and exposure levels.
2) New navigation bar system and workspace, you can now drag icons to rearrange tools.
3) New Curves, HSL, Toning, Distortion tools.
4) New cropping panels and workshop panels (new content will be added monthly).
5) Exporting filters as QR code (compatible with Polarr for iOS app), and importing QR code as filter.
6) Lens blur tool for radial and gradient masks.
7) Color masking tools.
8) Brush tools.
9) TIFF export support.
10) Batch renaming during exporting.

Installation procedure:
Mount image
Drag the application icon in the applications folder.

PhotoSweeper X 2.2.5 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: August 04, 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.9 +
Type of medicine: patch
System requirements:
OS X 10.9 or later,
64-bit processor

PhotoSweeper is a great way of finding duplicate images
The problem of treatment of acute computer for many users. In the "normal" operation, the hard disk is clogged with unnecessary files very quickly, but those who actively works with certain file types, the issue with duplicate files is very relevant. The most urgent need in the apps to clean up your hard drive experience photographers, designers, and representatives of other professions, or otherwise associated with the processing of more images.
This problem applies both to the images in the user folders and libraries iPhoto and Apperture.
The images is so much that working is not possible manually. In this case,
it is wise to hire the services of specialized applications.

Supported Apple Photos 2.x on macOS 10.12 Sierra
Other minor improvements and fixes

Installation procedure:

Mount image and drag the application icon to the applications folder
To run the patch and the open window patch drag the icon previously installed application, wait for activation
Do not upgrade the program!

Perfectly Clear Plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom (Complete) 2.2.2 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: July 08, 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.8 +
Language: English
Type of medicine: patch
System requirements:
Intel, Mac OS 10.8 or newer
Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or Creative Cloud 2015 (supports both 32 bit and 64 bit)
Photoshop Elements 8,9,10,11,12,13
Lightroom 2.7 or newer, including v6 and CC
4 GB RAM or more
Screen resolution: 1024 x 800 or more

Perfectly Clear – a powerful plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop from the company Athentech Imaging of a series of "do I quickly and beautifully," allowing only a couple of clicks of the mouse to adjust the pictures to perfect in the automatic mode, and correct them manually.

Digital cameras have limitations that lead to such distortions photos: illumination, lack of richness and depth of color, neoexpressionist, opacity, blur, poor skin tone, "red eye", noise, etc. Perfectly Clear Plug will fix these flaws automatically or in manual mode using its own proprietary technology, which embodied 10 years of research and more than 10 patented adjustments.

Installation procedure:

Mount image, run the installer and follow the instructions in the installer.
You'll need administrator privileges.

1. For Photoshop (patch applied twice to different plugins in different folders)
To run the patch and drag the open window of the patch the plugin
/Applications/Athentech/Complete Perfectly Clear Plug-in/PerfectlyClearv2.plugin

For PS CC 2015 (for another version of PS, see the filters)
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015/Plug-ins/Filters/PerfectlyClearv2.plugin

For CC 2015.5
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5/Plug-ins/Filters/PerfectlyClearv2.plugin

When you install plugins You may get the following message:

Installer cannot find Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installation, Complete Perfectly Clear Plug-in will be installed to

- Ustanovit can't find Photoshop or Photoshop Elements ... so, the plugin will be installed here:
/Applications/Athentech/Complete Perfectly Clear Plug-in

To install plug-in manually copy PerfectlyClearv2.plugin from above location to the Plug-ins/Filters folder of your Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

- Need to install manually, ie - copy the plugin PerfectlyClearv2.plugin from the folder/Applications/Athentech/Complete Perfectly Clear Plug-in and place it into Photoshop - Plug-ins/Filters

2. For Lightroom
After installation, run the patch, find the installed application and wait for activation
/Applications/Athentech/Complete Perfectly Clear Plug-in/PerfectlyClearLR.app

For reference:
During the application of the patch may be prompted to download the developer tools Xcode - download anything required!

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.0.3 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: June 21, 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.6.8 +
Language: English
Type of medicine: ready keygen
System requirements:
Mac OS 10.6.8 or newer
Mac Intel
2 GB of RAM
30 MB of Hard Drive space
Host Compatibility:
Adobe After Effects CC (2014,2015), CC, CS6
Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014,2015), CC, CS6

Trapcode Suite consists of 10 plug-ins for After Effects, which are industry standard broadcasting, including ready-made effects, and flexible tools for 3D-modeling. Its flagship product is Particular 2, has a fast 3D particle system with the ability for custom particles, particle shading and movement in 3D space.
Form 2 combines in the generation of particles with imported models OBJ, Mir creates new fast rendering polygon mesh and Shine creates volumetric light rays.

Use Trapcode Suite to create high quality text titles, animated backgrounds and logos, followed by rapid rendering.
The package go: 3D Stroke, Echospace, Form 2, Horizon, Lux, Mir, Particular, Shine, Sound Keys, and Starglow.
Trapcode Suite also includes full support for AE and PP SS 2015.

Installation procedure:

Mount image and start the installation at the point of registration to use the ready rooms and the received data to register the selected product.
Continue with the installation.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.0.4 [En]

Publication type: OS X Software
The release took place: June 21, 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.8 +
Language: English
Type of medicine: ready keygen
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
Intel processor
2 GB of RAM

Premiere Pro CS5.5, CS6, CC 7.2.1, CC 2014,2015
Final Cut Pro 7
Final Cut Pro X
Avid Media Composer 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8

Red Giant Shooter Suite is a set of tools for preparing and issuing videos for shooting and sync on the timeline.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 - a New package of plug-ins designed for operators and video editors that work with media from camcorders, and audio devices. Shooter Suite is a set of four tools that give you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will be transferred from the camera to the half-line lossless, with a synchronized sound.

Fast auto-sync audio and video with PluralEyes 4 eliminates the problems traditionally associated with multicamera shooting. Red Giant Shooter Suite also includes applications for Instant 4K convert HD 4K quality and Frames to interlaced video format to 24p.

Installation procedure:

Mount image and start the installation at the point of registration to use the ready rooms and the received data to register the selected product.
Continue with the installation.

PitStop Pro 13 Update 2 [Multi]

Publication type: OS X Software
Release on: 30 may 2016
Supported OS: OS X 10.8+
Language: English, French and German. Russian is not supported.
treatment: not required (the installer is already treated)
System requirements:
OS X 10.8+
32/64-bit Intel
Adobe Acrobat Pro X+

PitStop Professional is an effective tool prepress checks, auto-correction and editing of PDF documents.
The program is designed in the form of plug-in Adobe Acrobat and has two dozen built-in profiles Enfocus PDF Profiles? designed to test the key attributes PDF-files and automatic correction of standard errors.

Enfocus PitStop Professional provides a comprehensive set of interactive tools for editing and verification of documents PDF, providing full control over text, graphics, color, and other attributes.
Global Change function allows you to make corrections at the level of individual pages or the entire document and action lists to automate routine operations.

The editing tools included in the package PitStop Professional, helping to make corrections at any stage of the preparation and reuse of finished documents in order to streamline the circulation of documents in PDF format. Integrated profiles PDF Profiles provide automatic correction of more than a hundred of critical errors in PDF files. You can test files for compatibility with the latest specifications PDF, track changes, compare versions, and roll back to previous version of a file and more.

Installation procedure:

Mount image, run the installer and follow the instructions
After installation the program does not open.
OS X Cracked GRAPHICS Utilities 14 08 2016

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