Pluralsight - LINQ Fundamentals with C# 6.0 2016 TUTORiAL

Pluralsight - LINQ Fundamentals with C# 6.0 2016 TUTORiAL
Pluralsight - LINQ Fundamentals with C# 6.0 2016 TUTORiAL | 946 MB

Big changes have been made to C# thanks to LINQ. This course will give you everything you need to work with the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) features of C#, using practical examples and demonstrating some best practices.
Course Overview - 1m 25s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Course Overview - 1m 25s
An Introduction - 14m 6s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]The Start - 0m 31s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]What is LINQ? - 1m 28s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Writing a Report without LINQ - 7m 11s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Writing a Report with LINQ - 3m 46s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]The Rodamap - 1m 9s
LINQ and C# - 45m 54s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 39s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Evolving the Language - 2m 21s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]The Power of IEnumerable - 6m 14s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Creating an Extension Method - 7m 39s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Understanding Lambda Expressions - 8m 16s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Using Func and Action Types - 7m 49s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Using var for Implicit Typing - 4m 7s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Query Syntax vs Method Syntax - 7m 33s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 1m 13s
LINQ Queries - 37m 19s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 36s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Creating a Custom Filter Operator - 6m 11s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Creating an Operator with Yield Return - 5m 59s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Deferred Execution Explained - 1m 46s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Taking Advantage of Deferred Execution - 3m 39s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Exceptions and Deferred Queries - 2m 49s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]All About Streaming Operators - 4m 53s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Qerying Infinity - 4m 17s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 0m 42s
Filter, Ordering & Projecting - 43m 5s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 28s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]A File Full of Fuel Efficiency - 3m 9s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]How to Process a CSV File with LINQ - 1m 34s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Implementing a File Processor - 9m 7s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Finding the Most Fuel Efficient Car - 5m 26s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Filtering with Where and First - 7m 48s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Quantifying Data with Any, All, Contains - 2m 36s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Projecting Data with Select - 7m 21s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Flattening Data with SelectMany - 4m 48s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 0m 43s
Joining, Grouping & Aggregating - 48m 43s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 23s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Adding a Second Data Source - 3m 32s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Joining Data with Query Syntax - 5m 37s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Joining Data using Method Syntax - 7m 9s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Creating a Join with a Composite Key - 2m 45s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Grouping Data - 6m 35s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Using a GroupJoin for Hierarchical Data - 6m 44s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Challenge Answer: Group by Country - 3m 18s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Aggregating Data - 4m 9s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Efficient Aggregation with Extension Methods - 7m 44s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 0m 40s
LINQ to XML - 32m 46s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 51s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]System.Xml.Linq - 1m 25s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Building Element-oriented XML - 7m 21s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Functional Construction for Less Code - 5m 13s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Load and Query XML with LINQ - 7m 59s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Working with XML Namespaces - 8m 57s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 0m 57s
LINQ and the Entity Framework - 39m 40s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Introduction - 0m 42s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Setting up the Entity Framework - 5m 56s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Inserting data into a New Database - 5m 53s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Writing a Basic Query with LINQ - 5m 5s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Working with IQueryables and Expression Trees - 7m 12s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Caveats and Pitfalls of Remote LINQ - 7m 40s
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]An Advanced LINQ Query - 6m
[nbsp][nbsp][nbsp]Summary - 1m 8s


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