Udemy-UI Design and Photoshop from Scratch - Become a UI Designer 2016 TUTORiAL

Udemy-UI Design and Photoshop from Scratch - Become a UI Designer 2016 TUTORiAL
Udemy-UI Design and Photoshop from Scratch - Become a UI Designer 2016 TUTORiAL | 2.21 GB

Do you think that UI Designers use Photoshop in the same way as other Designers?
Do you know what are the basic concepts, settings and tools UI Designers know and you don’t?
So if you want to learn Photoshop for UI Design and upgrade your confidence and Skill levels in Photoshop; this course is for YOU. This course is equally good for Beginners and Experts so don’t worry if you haven’t used Photoshop before.

Most of us don’t know the basic settings, shortcuts, tools and extension we need in Photoshop to become a UI Designer, we make same mistakes and keep on wasting time online searching for different settings and answers to common UI Design issues and problems.

├── Section 1 Introductions
│ ├── Goal of this course.mp4
│ ├── Meet your Instructor!.mp4
│ └── What this course will cover.mp4
├── Section 2 Setting Up Photoshop for UI Design
│ ├── Creating Custom Shortcuts for Photoshop.mp4
│ ├── How to Install ZXP Extension in Photoshop CC2015 (STUDENT REQUEST LECTURE).mp4
│ ├── Installing Photoshop Scrs and shortcuts for them.mp4
│ ├── Photoshop Extensions used by UI Designers.mp4
│ ├── Photoshop Preferences for UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Setting Color Profiles Settings for UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Setting Up Panels for UI Design.mp4
│ ├── UPDATE - Color Proof Settings for UI Design.mp4
│ └── UPDATE - Photoshop Preferences for UI Design (for version 2015.1.2).mp4
├── Section 3 Color Calibration and Monitors for Designers
│ ├── How to perform Color Calibration on Windows or MAC.mp4
│ ├── What color calibration is and what tools are there to do calibration.mp4
│ └── Which monitor is good for designers (TF, IPS or PLS).mp4
├── Section 4 Basics of Photoshop for Beginners
│ ├── Alignments.mp4
│ ├── Commonly used Keyboard Shortcuts.mp4
│ ├── Concept of Layers and Layers Panel Deep Dive.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Challenge - Clipping Mask.mp4
│ ├── How Photoshop Interface Works.mp4
│ ├── How to use Pen Tool for UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Layer Comps usage in Photoshop.mp4
│ ├── Layer Masks.mp4
│ ├── Linked Smart Objects.mp4
│ ├── New Document Setup for UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Selections we use in UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Shape Tool for UI Design (Combine and Subtract Shapes).mp4
│ ├── Smart Objects.mp4
│ ├── Type Tool (Character and Paragraph Panel).mp4
│ └── Using Clipping Masks in UI Design.mp4
├── Section 5 Layer Styles Basics for UI Design
│ ├── Re-using Layer Styles.mp4
│ ├── Using Inner Shadow Effect.mp4
│ ├── Using Layer Stroke Effect.mp4
│ └── Using Multiple Layer Shadow Effects in UI Design (PSD Excercise File Included).mp4
├── Section 6 Gradients in Web and UI Design
│ ├── 3 ways to create gradients in Photoshop.mp4
│ ├── Examples of Gradients usage in Web and UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Gradient Editor Deep Dive.mp4
│ ├── Using Gradient Overlay Layer Style.mp4
│ └── What are Gradients.mp4
├── Section 7 Using Patterns in Web and UI Design
│ ├── How to create patterns from an image file in Photoshop.mp4
│ ├── Installing and using .PAT pattern files in Photoshop.mp4
│ ├── Methods of applying Patterns In Photoshop.mp4
│ └── What are Patterns and their Usage in UI Web Design.mp4
├── Section 8 Basics of UI Design Light Shadows Colors Typography
│ ├── Color Schemes in UI Design for Beginners.mp4
│ ├── Example usage of Light and Shadow in UI Design.mp4
│ ├── Getting Color Schemes from Logo and using HSL Basics.mp4
│ ├── How to create Grids in Photoshop (Two methods).mp4
│ ├── Light and Shadow (Important Concept).mp4
│ ├── Typography or Font Selection for Beginners.mp4
│ ├── Using Online Tools for creating Color Schemes.mp4
│ └── What are Grids in Web and UI Design and how to use Grids.mp4
└── Section 9 Exercise and Challanges with Step by Step solutions
├── Challange SOLUTION - Soft Button (Step by Step).mp4
├── Exercise Challenge - 3D Button.mp4
├── Exercise Challenge - Soft Button.mp4
├── Exercise Mastering Pressed or Inset Effect in UI Design.mp4
├── Exercise Modern Header_Hero area Design (PART 1).mp4
├── Exercise Modern Header_Hero area Design (Part 2).mp4
├── Exercise Modern Header_Hero Design with Color Overlay Technique.mp4
└── Exercise Modern Hero Area Design (Variation 2nd).mp4
├── Section 10 Image Editing 101 for UI Designers
│ ├── Enhancing Pop effect of your images using Adjustment layers.mp4
│ ├── Removing any background quickly with Magnetic Lasso and Refine Edge.mp4
│ ├── Removing specific parts of an image using Spot Healing Brush.mp4
│ └── Removing white background from image with blending options.mp4
├── Section 11 IOS App Design Exercise Iphone Food Deals App
│ ├── Adding Buttons to Iphone App Screen.mp4
│ ├── Adding Images to Iphone App Screen.mp4
│ ├── Adding text to Iphone App Screen.mp4
│ ├── Fonts and Images used in Iphone App Design.mp4
│ ├── Starting Iphone App Design.mp4
│ └── Using Iphone Mockup to show your designs.mp4
├── Section 12 BONUS Dribbble styled Dashboard UI Design (Student Request)
│ ├── Exercise AREA GRAPH - Adding text and Legends.mp4
│ ├── Exercise AREA GRAPH - Alignment and Balance.mp4
│ ├── Exercise AREA GRAPH - Design Base.mp4
│ ├── Exercise AREA GRAPH - Grid Design.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Bar Graph Design - Part 1.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Bar Graph Design - Part 2.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Circular Graph - Adding Styles to Circular graph fills.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Circular Graph - Design Base shapes of Circular graph.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Design Stats with text.mp4
│ ├── Exercise LINE GRAPH - Desiging Line Graph from Area Graph.mp4
│ ├── Exercsie AREA GRAPH - Adding Extra Detials.mp4
│ └── Exercsie AREA GRAPH - Design Main Red Graph Shape.mp4
├── Section 13 Exercises Form UI Design with Photoshop
│ ├── Exercise Login Form - Base Design.mp4
│ ├── Exercise Login Form - Designing Input Fields.mp4
│ └── Exercise Login Form - Finishing Login Form.mp4
├── Section 14 Pro Secret Tips and Tools for Designers and Developers
│ ├── Converting PSD to CSS (Tips, tools and Extensions for Web Designers_Developers).mp4
│ ├── Exporting Images for Web and UI Design.mp4
│ └── Tips for Using Grids while Designing.mp4
├── Section 15 Photoshop Features Comparison for CC2014 and CC2015
│ ├── Few Bugs and Problems with Photoshop CC2015.mp4
│ ├── New Features in Photoshop CC2015 for UI Designers.mp4
│ └── Where to go Next.mp4


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